Going On A Fly Fishing Trip? Know These 4 Tips

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Are you going to go on a fly fishing trip, but you've never done it before? If so, it will help to know some tips so that your trip is successful.

Be Careful Of Spooking The Fish

A common mistake that people make when they approach the water to start is seeing a lot of fish right near the bank where the water is shallow. However, approaching the bank too quickly is going to cause those fish to be spooked and swim elsewhere. You should try fishing from further up the bank to try catching one of these fish. You can then move into the water once you've made a few attempts and those fish have moved away.

Know About Line Control

Fly fishing is all about line control. If you cast with your right hand, you are going to be pulling slack out of the reel with your left hand. You'll always want to check the drag settings on your line before you start pulling out slack. If the setting is too loose, pulling out slack is going to cause you to overspool and create a mess out of your line. Set your drag so that the line doesn't dump out on the riverbank and stays in the spool as you pull it. 

In addition, pay attention to where you are dropping your line. You don't want that excess line to be wrapped around twigs and rocks, which will be problematic as soon as you start walking. Reel in that line before you start walking so that it doesn't get caught.

Use Sharp Hooks

Having a dull hook is going to cause problems where you lose fish out on the water. That hook becomes dull very quickly from hooking flies, getting the hook caught in branches, and hitting rocks. It helps to have a hook sharpener, which is a small handheld tool that can make the hook sharp again with a few swipes. 

Add Weight To The Lure

As you try fishing for trout that live deep in the water, you'll notice that just having a fly on your hook is not going to get the job done. You'll need to add some weight to your lure so that it can fall deep into the water where those trout are located. You'll know that you have added too much weight to your lure if you find that it gets stuck when trying to reel it in.