Tandem Skydiving Tips for First Time Jumpers

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Your first experience skydiving can certainly be nerve-wracking. While new jumpers tend to do tandem jumps, where you leave much of the work to an instructor, you still need to prepare yourself for the experience. Here are some tips that every first time jumper should know.

Know What To Wear

One mistake that you don't want to make is showing up for your tandem jump without wearing proper attire. This is not something you can easily go back home and fix at the last moment, so you want to make sure you arrive dressed appropriately. 

The key is to dress in active wear, which would be what you would wear while doing exercise. However, you need to account for the temperature drop from free falling in the sky. That's why it's best to wear comfortable layers that don't have strings or hoods which are more likely to get in the way. You should also leave the jewelry at home for the same reason. For shoes, wear sneakers that can be laced on tightly and are comfortable. 

The company that you skydive with may even have suits that you can rent specifically for skydiving, which are a lot like jumpsuits but are looser and give your body full coverage from the wind. 

Know Not To Go On A Full Stomach

While you may be nervous as you get closer to your first jump, you should not starve yourself prior to it. You want to have enough to eat so your blood sugar is not dropping and you feel comfortable, but not to the point where you are full. There is the possibility of feeling nauseous during the jump, which will not make for an enjoyable experience. Keep your meal sensible and balanced and you'll be fine, and you won't end up vomiting while jumping with your instructor. 

Know How To Land

While your tandem jump instructor is going to do most of the work of guiding you to the landing area and coming in contact with the ground, you are going to have to get your body out of the way so that you can both land safely. This is done by actually letting the instructor come in contact with the ground first, so you'll need to tuck your legs upward and hold them in that position for several seconds.

Looking for more tips for your first tandem jump? Reach out to a skydiving company in your area that can help arrange the experience.