Going Skydiving For The First Time? Follow These Tips

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Are you preparing to go skydiving for the very first time? You may feel a bit scared and confused about what is going to happen during this extreme sport. Here are some tips to follow that will make your first time skydiving a success.


The first time you jump you will be going in tandem with a professional. You do not have to do much during your first jump since your partner will make sure that the parachute is pulled at the right time and help control your body during your dive. Know that you should relax and take it all in since you do not have to be concerned about anything else. 

Wear The Right Clothes

One thing you may not be thinking about before you arrive for your first skydive is if you are wearing the right clothes. After all, you'll be putting on a jumpsuit so dressing for the event is not always top of mind. It is important that you wear shoes that are comfortable and can lace up tightly, which typically means wearing sneakers. You should also wear pants that are going to be comfortable and not restrict your movement while you are flying through the air.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

Never feel like you can't ask a question before you take off for your first skydive. While the company you hire will have plenty of educational videos that you will watch, you likely have questions you want to ask your instructor. Now is the time to do it while you are on the ground and can always turn back if you do not feel comfortable.

In addition, all those educational videos are going to give you a lot of valuable information. The jump will be over with quickly, so the information that you need to know will be for a jump that only lasts for a couple of minutes.

Focus On Your Breathing

The very first time you jump out of a plane can be exhilarating, which is why you want to watch your breathing during the jump. You do not want to get to a point where you start to panic or hyperventilate during the jump, so it is best to focus on your breathing your first time so that this does not happen. It will only get easier the next time that you jump. 

Reach out to a local skydiving company for more information and to book your first jump.