Does Your Sales Team Need A Jumpstart? 3 Tips To Make An ATV Tour A Team Building Experience

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Managing a sales team is an opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the industry. Yet common events such as a seasonal downturn or a rapid staff turnover can all lead to even the best members of your team experiencing a slump in sales. While incentive contests and targeted training all help to improve your team's motivation and skills, there often comes a point when even the tried and true techniques just don't work. When this happens, a little off road adventure helps your team pull together to break out of the rut, and you can use these tips to turn your ATV tour with a company like American Adventure Tours into a team building experience.

Choose the Right Tour

Quad tours vary from ones that take place on easy trails to thrill-seeking adventures. While you want your sales team to be challenged, you also want to make sure that everyone enjoys success throughout the event. When you contact the tour company, let them know of your plans, and be prepared with some information about the experience levels of the team. This way, you can be certain that even a beginner ATV rider is capable of managing the challenge. In addition to choosing the right level of tour, you should also consider any time constraints. The ideal tour for a team building activity should last for no more than a few hours so that you have time to debrief at the end of the day.

Provide Immediate Feedback

During the tour, take advantage of every opportunity that you can to highlight positive attributes in your team. For instance, you might recognize someone who has experience riding ATVs that offers assistance to a beginner with putting on their helmet or getting familiar with the vehicle. Alternatively, you can provide encouragement to someone who may be apprehensive about a minor obstacle on the trail. While shouting over the roar of the ATV might not always be possible, you can make it a point to notice positive behaviors you observe during short breaks along the trail.

Plan a Debriefing Activity For After the Tour

Team building activities should always conclude with an opportunity to review what everyone has learned. After a quad tour, riders are often ravenous. Consider planning a lunch or dinner event for after everyone has had a chance to catch their breath. During the meal, have each member of the team share what they got out of the experience, and brainstorm ways that you can all use this knowledge to improve the sales stats.

When your sales team needs a jumpstart, sometimes its best to skip the boring meeting and go for some serious shock value. While it may seem unconventional to have your team ditch their suits and hop on an ATV, hitting the trails together in an outdoor environment is a great way to bond and strengthen leadership skills.