4 Tips For First Time Skydivers

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Skydiving for the first time may be something that's been on your bucket list for years, or you may be spontaneously deciding to try something new and exciting. This is a wise choice since even scientists say spending money and time on novel new experiences and outdoor activities leads to greater happiness. Skydiving is thrilling, exhilarating, and memorable, but also nerve-wracking for first-timers. To help calm your nerves and make sure you get the most out of your first time skydiving, just follow these tips:

Dress Appropriately

Skydiving doesn't require specialized attire, but it does require a bit of thought. You will be at the skydiving center for several hours, possibly all day, so be sure to dress comfortably. You will want to avoid clothing that is overly tight and restrictive, or too bulky since you will be wearing your skydiving suit over your clothes. Comfortable athletic wear is the best option, such as yoga pants, nylon athletic pants, and a tee shirt or comfortable long-sleeved shirt.

Be sure to wear athletic shoes that fit snugly and won't easily fall off of your feet. Avoid flip-flops or dress shoes. If you wear glasses, you may want to wear contacts for the day since you will have to wear goggles over your eyes.

Allow for Extra Time

You will likely already be nervous, so don't set yourself up for more anxiety by overbooking your day or leaving your house at the last minute. Pad your schedule with extra time both before and after your skydiving session. Most skydiving drop locations are somewhat rural, so you want to allow extra time for driving to the location and the possibility of getting a little lost on the way. When you arrive, you will want plenty of time to find parking, get situated before your lesson, have a snack, and watch other skydivers if given the option.

Similarly, make sure to avoid booking any appointments or social outings right after your skydiving experience. Account for possible delays as well as the possibility that after the adrenaline rush of skydiving and the nervousness preceding it, you may feel tired and just want to relax. 

Budget for Photos and Video

When planning your skydiving budget, don't forget to include the optional photos and video. Skydiving for the first time is going to be one of the most fun and thrilling memories you've made so far, so you will regret not documenting it. Your skydiving center has the tools and technology to document your dive with high definition photos and video. They will be fun to share on social media and to look at yourself whenever you want to relive your exciting day skydiving.

Try a Calming Ritual

The good thing about knowing ahead of time that a situation is likely to make you nervous is that you have time to plan a calming ritual for the morning of your skydiving excursion. Spending a half hour doing something that you know is effective at making you feel calm and at ease will go a long way toward making your skydiving trip less scary.

This may mean spending some time meditating or deep breathing, hitting up a gentle yoga class, or just going for a brisk walk while listening to relaxing music on your headphones. The point is to soothe your nerves, slow down your heart rate, and be able to start your skydiving experience in a calm mindset.

It is normal to feel nervous before skydiving for the first time, but following these tips will help you to feel more calm and get the most out of your skydiving adventure.